I am a Christian professor, clinical psychologist, and church elder at Xenos Christian Fellowship of Northeast Ohio. This is a fairly rare combination, so my blogs will be about ecclesiology, campus ministry, the university, psychology, and other topics that interest me. This is my personal site, and I intend to post about once a week. I invite you to subscribe to my posts via email so you can be notified of new posts.


I am on the faculty at a public research university. Am I allowed to have a personal presence in the blogosphere or on social media that is unrelated to my employment? I think so. This is merica! On the other hand, a university professor at the University of Illinois was terminated for anti-Israel tweets. This worries me. I’m sure eventually one of my colleagues will stumble across my personal blog site. Surprise! I can envision being scrutinized for any public communication that isn’t popular with university administrators. Recently the entire Cal State University system evicted Intervarsity Christian Fellowship from their campuses.


  • I won’t tell you where I work, but realistically I’m not hard to find.
  • The views expressed here are mine alone unless it is a guest blog or co-authored blog in which case the other person said the bad thing, not me. These views are NOT the views of my employer nor the state in which I reside nor anybody else in merica! 
  • I do not intend for anything I communicate to discriminate against or defame any person, real or imagined, or any group whether categorized by race, ethnicity, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, eye color, or favorite color. Seriously, this is just my personal opinion blog on Christian ministry topics.
  • No part of this blog site is intended to diagnose or treat any condition, mental or physical. I will absolutely write cynical rants about psychology (and perhaps something helpful), but I am not practicing psychology over the internet.
  • This site is not monetized (yet). I have written no books, I have never been paid to endorse anything, and I do not sell advertising.

My Biography

First of all, that picture is over 10 years old. I am actually a 40-something man living in Ohio.  I am an associate professor at a public research university. More precisely, I am a Christian faculty member at a secular university. I am also husband, father (of three), and very active in my local protestant evangelical fellowship (neoxenos.org). My wife Kathryn and I have been at Xenos Christian Fellowship since 1996 (Columbus Xenos at xenos.org from 1996-2000), except for a hiatus when were in Durham NC from 2000-2003 so I could complete a psychology internship and post-doctoral fellowship. I was raised in a Baptist church and became a Christian at a young age. At Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus (xenos.org) and we became very involved in a home church and other ministries. For example, Kathryn worked with Urban Concern to coordinate the “Christmas with Dignity” Program and helped with non-profit marketing. I taught home church and men’s bible study, and played drums in one of the bands at our central teaching on Sundays. We were on the leadership team for the home church we attended. After moving back to Ohio from North Carolina, we became involved with Xenos Christian Fellowship in Northeast Ohio. We were deacons for several years, and helped plant a home church when the college student home church split into two predominantly post-college young adult home churches. We eventually replanted the college ministry, which went from 8 to over 100 and counting, although I returned to a post-college home church to consult with their leaders. Now I’m an elder of Xenos Christian Fellowship and help lead home church leaders. Kathryn is now in non-profit marketing at India Gospel League (iglworld.org). We have three daughters (Morgan, Meagan, and Emmaline). We received our B.A.’s at Biola University in SoCal. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Ohio State University.

Contact information

You can contact me via email at joelwhughesonline at gmail.com (the spaces defeat the autobots) or follow me on Twitter (search for HgsDctr–warning, you will get my personal tweets as well as new blog announcements).