I am a professor, clinical psychologist, and health researrcher in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Kent State University in Northeast Ohio. This is my personal site.


I am on the faculty at a public research university. Am I allowed to have a personal presence in the blogosphere or on social media that is unrelated to my employment? I think so. This is merica! On the other hand, a university professor at the University of Illinois was terminated for anti-Israel tweets. This worries me. I’m sure eventually one of my colleagues will stumble across my personal blog site. Surprise! I can envision being scrutinized for any public communication that isn’t popular with university administrators.


  • The views expressed here are mine alone unless it is a guest blog or co-authored blog in which case the other person said the bad thing, not me. These views are NOT the views of my employer nor the state in which I reside nor anybody else in merica! 
  • I do not intend for anything I communicate to discriminate against or defame any person, real or imagined, or any group whether categorized by race, ethnicity, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, eye color, or favorite color.
  • No part of this blog site is intended to diagnose or treat any condition, mental or physical. I will absolutely write cynical rants about psychology (and perhaps something helpful), but I am not practicing psychology over the internet.
  • This site is not monetized (yet). I have never been paid to endorse anything, and I do not sell advertising.

Contact information

You can contact me via email at jhughes1 at kent.edu (the spaces defeat the autobots).